Clozapine improves dizocilpine-induced delayed alternation impairment in rats

  • Wolfgang Hauber
  • Published 1993 in
    Journal of Neural Transmission / General Section…


The effects of systemic administration of dizocilpine (0.16mg/kg, i.p.), clozapine (7.5mg/kg, s.c.) and coadministration of dizocilpine (0.16mg/ kg, i.p.) and clozapine (7.5mg/kg, s.c.) on acquisition of delayed alternation in a T-maze were tested in rats (N=7 per group) on six days with 10 choices per day and animal. Clozapine given alone did not impair… (More)
DOI: 10.1007/BF01277027


3 Figures and Tables