Cloud profiling radar on earthcare satellite

  title={Cloud profiling radar on earthcare satellite},
  author={Nobuhiro Takahashi and Takaumi Kimura and Yasuo Ohno and Hideki Horie and Hiroaki Nakatsuka and Kaori Sato and Yuko Sakaide and Kenji Okada and Hiroshi Kumagai},
  journal={2009 ICCAS-SICE},
The design and current status of EarthCARE/CPR are described in this report. Basic design of CPR will be confirmed in this year, and engineering model development and testing will be done this year and the next year. In parallel with the development activity of CPR, algorithm development activity is in progress. The data from CPR is expected to contribute to reveal the detailed information of clouds and to the studies on global warming. It is also expected the continuation of cloud observation… CONTINUE READING