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Cloud Computing for Dummies

  title={Cloud Computing for Dummies},
  author={Judith Hurwitz and Robert J. Bloor and Marcia Kaufman and Fern Halper},
The easy way to understand and implement cloud computing technology written by a team of experts Cloud computing can be difficult to understand at first, but the cost-saving possibilities are great and many companies are getting on board. If you've been put in charge of implementing cloud computing, this straightforward, plain-English guide clears up the confusion and helps you get your plan in place. You'll learn how cloud computing enables you to run a more green IT infrastructure, and access… 

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Securing Cloud Computing
This thesis looks at how a cloud service user can constantly place a check on the cloud service provider with respect to data security and in cases where there has been a breach of security agreement, how these breach can be traced using forensic tools by the provider.
Data Security Issues in Cloud Computing
Data security issue is the major challenge which is hampering the growth of cloud computing and therefore it is needed to be resolved to make it widely acceptable and to accelerate its growth.
Virtual Cloud: Rent Out the Rented Resources
  • Sheheryar Malik, F. Huet
  • Computer Science
    2011 International Conference for Internet Technology and Secured Transactions
  • 2011
The concept of Virtual cloud revolves around the concept, “Rent Out the Rented Resources”, which aims to reduce the monetary cost of cloud services.
Data Storage Security in Cloud Computing: A Survey
The study is about the study on various issues identified with information stockpiling security on single cloud and also multi cloud what's more, adaptation to internal failure.
Understanding Technical Aspects of Cloud Computing with different Computing Models and its Benefits
This paper provides a better understanding of the cloud computing and also explains the evolution of it by understanding the emergence of internet with benefits.
The business perspective of cloud computing for small and medium enterprises
The strengths and weaknesses for the Cloud computing are identified and much to offer to the small and medium enterprises is identified.
Challenges and Issues Within Cloud Computing Technology
The state-of-the-art of research into cloud computing technology and its characteristics was presented and the main important challenges, barriers and risks related to the cloud computing were highlighted.
A Review of Data Security Issues in Cloud Environment
Security and privacy issues associated with cloud computing are analyzed and some reason for why all IT company are not used cloud is described and solution of some issues are given.
Cost Effective Model for Using Different Cloud Services
The readers can get insight of what cloud computing is, what are the various cloud services considered for this paper and various cloud providing systems so that users can purchase which is best and cheap related to the platform they are using.
Exploring the Cloud. Evaluating the Possibilities and Limitations of Cloud. Computing for a Project Based Organization
To understand the need and potential of cloud computing for a project based organization, the current IT infrastructure utilization as well as how other industries use cloud computing is reviewed in this thesis.