Closure between aerosol particles and cloud condensation nuclei at Kaashidhoo Climate Observatory Will Cantrell , 1 ' 2

  title={Closure between aerosol particles and cloud condensation nuclei at Kaashidhoo Climate Observatory Will Cantrell , 1 ' 2},
  author={Glenn E. Shaw and Glen R. Cass and Zohir Chowdhury and Lara S. Hughes and Kimberly A. Prather and Sergio A. Guazzotti and Keith R. Coffee},
Predicting the cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) supersaturation spectrum from aerosol properties is a fairly straightforward matter, as long as those properties are simple. During the Indian Ocean Experiment we measured CCN spectra, size-resolved aerosol chemical composition, and aerosol number distributions and attempted to reconcile them using a modified form of K6hler theory. We obtained general agreement between our measured and modeled CCN spectra. However, the agreement was not as good… CONTINUE READING


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