Clostridium difficile in general practice and community health.

  title={Clostridium difficile in general practice and community health.},
  author={Thomas V Riley and V Wymer and V W Bamford and R. Alan Bowman},
  journal={The Journal of hygiene},
  volume={96 1},
The isolation rate for Clostridium difficile in diarrhoeal stools was investigated in patients from general practice and community health centres over a 14-month period. C. difficile or its cytotoxin was detected in specimens from 89 (4.7%) of 1882 patients studied and accounted for 30.3% of all enteropathogenic micro-organisms isolated. Overall C. difficile was second only to Giardia lamblia in frequency. Recovery rates in the different groups of patients surveyed varied from 3.6 to 27.5%. The… CONTINUE READING


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