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Closed-Form Training of Conditional Random Fields for Large Scale Image Segmentation

  title={Closed-Form Training of Conditional Random Fields for Large Scale Image Segmentation},
  author={Alexander Kolesnikov and M. Guillaumin and V. Ferrari and Christoph H. Lampert},
  • Alexander Kolesnikov, M. Guillaumin, +1 author Christoph H. Lampert
  • Published 2014
  • Computer Science
  • ArXiv
  • We present LS-CRF, a new method for very efficient large-scale training of Conditional Random Fields (CRFs). It is inspired by existing closed-form expressions for the maximum likelihood parameters of a generative graphical model with tree topology. LS-CRF training requires only solving a set of independent regression problems, for which closed-form expression as well as efficient iterative solvers are available. This makes it orders of magnitude faster than conventional maximum likelihood… CONTINUE READING
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