Cloning type-II restriction and modification genes.

  title={Cloning type-II restriction and modification genes.},
  author={Keith D. Lunnen and J M Barsomian and Richard D. R. Camp and C O Card and Sheng zhi Chen and Rachel Croft and M C Looney and M M Meda and Larry Moran and Donald Nwankwo},
  volume={74 1},
We have cloned into Escherichia coli the genes for 38 type-II bacterial modification methyltransferases. The clones were isolated by selecting in vitro for protectively modified recombinants. Most of the clones modify their DNA fully but a substantial number modify only partially. In approximately one-half of the clones, the genes for the corresponding endonucleases are also present. Some of these clones restrict infecting phages and others do not. Clones carrying endonuclease genes but lacking… CONTINUE READING

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