Cloning of the gamma chain of the human IL-2 receptor.

  title={Cloning of the gamma chain of the human IL-2 receptor.},
  author={Tatsuya Takeshita and Hironobu Asao and Kiyoshi Ohtani and Norihisa Ishii and Satoru Kumaki and Nobuyuki Tanaka and Hiroshi Munakata and Morihiko Nakamura and Kazuo Sugamura},
  volume={257 5068},
A third subunit, the gamma chain, of the human interleukin-2 receptor (IL-2R) was identified, and a complementary DNA clone encoding this member of the cytokine receptor family was isolated. The gamma chain is necessary for the formation of the high- and intermediate-affinity receptors, which consists of alpha beta gamma heterotrimers and beta gamma heterodimers, respectively. The IL-2R on murine fibroblastoid cells can be internalized after binding IL-2 only if the gamma chain is present… CONTINUE READING

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