Cloning of a carboxyl-terminal isoform of the prostanoid FP receptor.

  title={Cloning of a carboxyl-terminal isoform of the prostanoid FP receptor.},
  author={Kristen L. Pierce and Travis J Bailey and Patricia B. Hoyer and Daniel W. Gil and David F. Woodward and John W. Regan},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={272 2},
An FP prostanoid receptor isoform, which appears to arise from alternative mRNA splicing, has been cloned from a mid-cycle ovine large cell corpus luteum library. The isoform, named the FP(B) receptor, is identical to the original isoform, the FP(A), throughout the seven transmembrane domains, but diverges nine amino acids into the carboxyl terminus. In contrast to FP(A), whose carboxyl terminus continues for another 46 amino acids beyond the nine shared residues, the FP(B) terminates after… CONTINUE READING


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