Cloning and sequencing of human cholesteryl ester transfer protein cDNA

  title={Cloning and sequencing of human cholesteryl ester transfer protein cDNA},
  author={Dennis Drayna and Alisha Stephens Jarnagin and John Mclean and William Henzel and William Kohr and Christopher Fielding and Richard M Lawn},
The transfer of insoluble cholesteryl esters among lipoprotein particles is a vital step in normal cholesterol homeostasis and may be involved in the development of atherosclerosis1. Extrahepatic tissues lack the enzymes required for the degradation of sterols to the excretable form of bile acids. Cholesterol synthesized in these tissues in excess of that needed for the synthesis of cell membranes or steroid hormones must accordingly be returned through the plasma to the liver for catabolism… CONTINUE READING
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