Cloning and sequencing of cDNA encoding human DNA topoisomerase II and localization of the gene to chromosome region 17q21-22.

  title={Cloning and sequencing of cDNA encoding human DNA topoisomerase II and localization of the gene to chromosome region 17q21-22.},
  author={M. Tsai-Pflugfelder and L. Liu and A. Liu and K. M. Tewey and J. Whang-peng and T. Knutsen and K. Huebner and C. Croce and J. Wang},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={85 19},
Two overlapping cDNA clones encoding human DNA topoisomerase II were identified by two independent methods. In one, a human cDNA library in phage lambda was screened by hybridization with a mixed oligonucleotide probe encoding a stretch of seven amino acids found in yeast and Drosophila DNA topoisomerase II; in the other, a different human cDNA library in a lambda gt11 expression vector was screened for the expression of antigenic determinants that are recognized by rabbit antibodies specific… Expand
Molecular cloning and expression of the gene encoding the kinetoplast-associated type II DNA topoisomerase of Crithidia fasciculata.
The cloned gene CfaTOP2 shares significant homology with nuclear type II DNA topoisomerases of other eukaryotes suggesting that in Crithidia both nuclear and mitochondrial forms of topoisomersase II are encoded by the same gene. Expand
Cloning and characterization of a cDNA encoding topoisomerase II in pea and analysis of its expression in relation to cell proliferation
The results suggest that topo II gene expression is up-regulated in response to light and hormones and correlates with cell proliferation. Expand
Genetic mapping of the mouse topoisomerase IIα gene to Chromosome 11
The present report describes the genetic mapping of a mouse topoisomerase IIa cDNA (Top2a), which was determined with a panel of DNA samples from an interspecific cross that has been characterized for over 500 genetic markers throughout the genome. Expand
The TOP2 gene of Trypanosoma brucei: a single-copy gene that shares extensive homology with other TOP2 genes encoding eukaryotic DNA topoisomerase II.
Analysis of restriction endonuclease digests of T. brucei DNA by blot hybridization following gel electrophoresis indicates that TbrTOP2 is a single-copy gene, highly homologous to other eukaryotic DNA topoisomerase II. Expand
Cloning and characterization of the gene encoding a mitochondrially localized DNA topoisomerase II in Dictyostelium discoideum. Western blot analysis.
The cloned gene (topA) encoding DNA topoisomerase II from Dictyostelium discoideum nuclear DNA using oligo probes corresponding to the consensus amino acid sequences found in the gene in other eukaryotes revealed that this protein is localized in mitochondria. Expand
Isolation and characterization of a human cDNA clone encoding a novel DNA topoisomerase II homologue from HeLa cells
The results suggest that HeLa cells express at least two homologous forms of DNA topoisomerase II, which is recently described in a Burkitt lymphoma and other cell lines. Expand
Molecular cloning and characterization of the human topoisomerase IIalpha and IIbeta genes: evidence for isoform evolution through gene duplication.
The complete structure of the human topoisomerase IIalpha gene, which consists of 35 exons spanning 27.5 kb, is reported, which suggests the two genes diverged recently in evolutionary terms consistent with a gene duplication event. Expand
Use of yeast in the study of anticancer drugs targeting DNA topoisomerases: expression of a functional recombinant human DNA topoisomerase II alpha in yeast.
These studies demonstrate that yeast strains expressing human DNA topoisomerase II alpha provide a convenient system for studying drugs targeting the enzyme; unlike mammalian systems, potential complications due to the presence of human DNATopoisomersase II beta can be eliminated in this system. Expand
Complementation of a yeast top2ts mutation by a cDNA encoding rat DNA topoisomerase IIα
Observations suggest that transformants capable of conditional topo IIα expression can be exploited as a useful model system for studies on the structure-function relationships of wild-type and mutated topa IIα, as well as the interplay of potential antitumor drugs with the enzyme. Expand
Co-localization of chicken DNA topoisomerase IIα, but not β, with sites of DNA replication and possible involvement of a C-terminal region of α through its binding to PCNA
Examination of intranuclear distribution patterns of chimeric constructs between topo-IIα and β suggested that a sequence region (residues 1280–1294) in the C-terminal domain of topo -IIα was effective in co-localization with sites of DNA replication. Expand