Cloning and sequencing full length of canine Brca2 and Rad51 cDNA.

  title={Cloning and sequencing full length of canine Brca2 and Rad51 cDNA.},
  author={Kazuhiko Ochiai and Masami Morimatsu and Nobuyuki Tomizawa and Bunei Syuto},
  journal={The Journal of veterinary medical science},
  volume={63 10},
Mammary tumors are the most common neoplasm in female dogs, Canis canis, and in women. Mutations in human Brca2 confer an increased risk of female breast cancer. Previous studies have shown that the Brca2 tumor suppressor protein interacts with the recombinational repair protein Rad51. We cloned the full-length cDNA of the canine homologues of Brca2 and Rad51 to obtain a basis for studying their relationship with susceptibility to mammary tumors. The canine Brca2 and Rad51 cDNAs are 11 and 1.5… CONTINUE READING
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