Cloning and sequence analysis of the human brain β‐adrenergic receptor

  title={Cloning and sequence analysis of the human brain $\beta$‐adrenergic receptor},
  author={F. Chung and K. Lentes and J. Gocayne and M. FitzGerald and D. Robinson and A. Kerlavage and C. Fraser and J. Venter},
  journal={FEBS Letters},
Two cDNA clones, λ‐CLFV‐108 and λ‐CLFV‐119, encoding for the β‐adrenergic receptor, have been isolated from a human brain stem cDNA library. One human genomic clone, LCV‐517 (20 kb), was characterized by restriction mapping and partial sequencing. The human brain β‐receptor consists of 413 amino acids with a calculated M r of 46 480. The gene contains three potential glucocorticoid receptor‐binding sites. The β‐receptor expressed in human brain was homology with rodent (88%) and avian (52… Expand


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