[Cloning and expression analysis of Cu/ZnSOD gene from Galega orientalis L].


SOD is an important enzyme which exists in eukaryote extensively and plays an essential role in stress-tolerance of higher plants. A cDNA of Cu/ZnSOD gene was cloned from Galega orientalis L. using rapid amplification of cDNA ends (RACE) method. The full-length of cDNA sequence is 935 bp, included a 600 bp open reading frame which encoded a 199-amino-acid polypeptide. The molecular weight of this protein was 20.35 kDa. The results of Real-Time PCR indicated that the expression level of Cu/ZnSOD gene was the highest in leaves, moderate in stems, and the least in roots. The expression of Cu/ZnSOD gene under stress of NaCl and PEG was up-regulated firstly and then declined. The expression level was significantly lower than the control after 24 h treated with NaCl. Abscisic acid downregulated the expression of Cu/ZnSOD gene. The result of subcellular localization indicated that Cu/ZnSOD was located in chloroplast. Gene Cu/ZnSOD mainly expressed in the green organs of G. orientalis and played a certain role in resisting osmotic stress.

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