Cloning and characterization of a mouse IL-12 receptor-beta component.

  title={Cloning and characterization of a mouse IL-12 receptor-beta component.},
  author={Anne O. Chua and Victoria L. Wilkinson and David H. Presky and Ueli Gubler},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={155 9},
Using DNA cross-hybridization, we have isolated and characterized cDNA clones encoding a mouse (mo) IL-12R beta component. Two forms of cDNA were found. The first form encodes a receptor protein that has an overall structure very similar to that of the known human (hu) IL-12R beta with 54% amino acid identity, whereas in the second type of mouse cDNA, the equivalent of the transmembrane region has been deleted. This presumed alternative splicing event also gives rise to a frame shift that… CONTINUE READING
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