Cloning and characterization of a fox sperm protein FSA-1.

  title={Cloning and characterization of a fox sperm protein FSA-1.},
  author={Sandra Beaton and Aileen M. Cleary and J F M ten Have and Mark P. Bradley},
  journal={Reproduction, fertility, and development},
  volume={6 6},
A monoclonal antibody was raised to a fox sperm protein (FSA-1) which was found to be localized to the inner acrosomal compartment of sperm fixed in methanol. Western blots of testicular germ cell membrane extracts probed with this antibody identified a major protein band with a molecular weight of 36,000. Immunofluorescent studies on fox testis sections showed that the antigen is expressed on round and elongating spermatids on a crescent-shaped structure, which probably represents the… CONTINUE READING