Cloning and analysis of the mating-type idiomorphs from the barley pathogen Septoria passerinii

  title={Cloning and analysis of the mating-type idiomorphs from the barley pathogen Septoria passerinii},
  author={Stephen B. Goodwin and Cees Waalwijk and Gerrit H J Kema and Jessica R. Cavaletto and Guojuan Zhang},
  journal={Molecular Genetics and Genomics},
The genus Septoria contains more than 1000 species of plant pathogenic fungi, most of which have no known sexual stage. Species of Septoria without a known sexual stage could be recent derivatives of sexual species that have lost the ability to mate. To test this hypothesis, the mating-type region of S. passerinii, a species with no known sexual stage, was cloned, sequenced, and compared to that of its close relative S. tritici (sexual stage: Mycosphaerella graminicola). Both of the S… CONTINUE READING
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