Cloning an iron-regulated metal transporter from rice.

  title={Cloning an iron-regulated metal transporter from rice.},
  author={Naimatullah Bughio and Hirotaka Yamaguchi and Naoko K. Nishizawa and Hiromi Nakanishi and Satoshi Mori},
  journal={Journal of experimental botany},
  volume={53 374},
Rice cDNA and genomic libraries were screened in order to clone an Fe(II) transporter gene. A cDNA clone highly homologous to the Arabidopsis Fe(II) transporter gene IRT1 was isolated from Fe-deficient rice roots. The cDNA clone was named OsIRT1. A genomic clone corresponding to the cDNA was also obtained, sequenced and analysed. When expressed in yeast cells, OsIRT1 cDNA reversed the growth defects of the yeast iron-uptake mutant. Northern blot analysis revealed that OsIRT1 mRNA was… CONTINUE READING