Cloning Entangled Qubits to Scales One Can See

  title={Cloning Entangled Qubits to Scales One Can See},
  author={P. Sekatski and B. Sanguinetti and E. Pomarico and N. Gisin and C. Simon},
  journal={Physical Review A},
By amplifying photonic qubits it is possible to produce states that contain enough photons to be seen with a human eye, potentially bringing quantum effects to macroscopic scales [1]. In this paper we theoretically study quantum states obtained by amplifying one side of an entangled photon pair with different types of optical cloning machines for photonic qubits. We propose a detection scheme that involves lossy threshold detectors (such as human eye) on the amplified side and conventional… Expand

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Coarse graining makes it hard to see micro-macro entanglement.