Cloning, sequence and expression of human interleukin-2 receptor

  title={Cloning, sequence and expression of human interleukin-2 receptor},
  author={David Cosman and Douglas Pat Cerretti and Alf Larsen and Linda M. Park and Carl J. March and Steven K. Dower and Steven Gillis and David L. Urdal},
T lymphocytes, essential for the generation of a normal immune response, require the presence of the lymphokine interleukin-2 (IL-2) in order to proliferate1,2. Cells that respond to IL-2 possess a surface receptor glycoprotein specific for this lymphokine3,4. We have recently purified and chemically characterized the IL-2 receptor from both phytohaemagglutinin-activated human T cells and the human T-cell lymphoma HUT-102 (ref. 5). From the NH2-terminal protein sequence obtained in that study… CONTINUE READING


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