Clonidine reduces the excitability of spinal dorsal horn neurones.

  title={Clonidine reduces the excitability of spinal dorsal horn neurones.},
  author={Matthias Wolff and P Heugel and Gunter Hempelmann and Andreas M Scholz and Joerg Muehling and Andrea Olschewski},
  journal={British journal of anaesthesia},
  volume={98 3},
BACKGROUND Clonidine has often been applied in combination with local anaesthetics for spinal or epidural anaesthesia. This study was designed to investigate the local anaesthetic-like action of clonidine in superficial dorsal horn neurones. The superficial laminae of the dorsal horn contain three groups of neurones: tonic-, adapting-, and single-spike-firing neurones which are important neuronal structures for pain transmission, receiving most of their primary sensory input from Adelta and C… CONTINUE READING

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