Clone Nursery Plant Trans-planting Robot System With 3-D Vision System

  title={Clone Nursery Plant Trans-planting Robot System With 3-D Vision System},
  author={S. Hata and T. Hiroyasu and J.-i. Hayashi and Satoru Takahashi and Hironori Hojo},
  journal={2006 International Conference on Mechatronics and Automation},
Today, vision systems for robots had been widely applied at many important applications. But 3-D vision systems for industrial uses should face to many practical problems. Here, a vision system for bio-production has been introduced. Clone nursery plants are one of the important applications of bio-technology. Most of the production processes of clone nursery plants are highly automated, but the transplanting process of the small nursery plants cannot be automated because the figures of small… CONTINUE READING


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