Clonal propagation of Wattakaka volubilis through nodal explant culture

  title={Clonal propagation of Wattakaka volubilis through nodal explant culture},
  author={D. Vinothkumar and S. Murugavelh and M. Senthikumar},
  journal={Ceylon Journal of Science},
A protocol was developed for microporpagation of Wattakaka volubils (L.f) Stapf, an important medicinal plant in India. In vitro shoot multiplication nodal explants of W. volubilis was achieved on solid MS basal medium supplemented with BAP (6-Benzylaminopurine) and NAA (Naphthalene acetic acid). Presence of NAA in the culture medium along with BAP promoted multiplication of shoots than BAP alone. The highest shoot multiplication rate (23.4±0.48) was observed after 28 days of culture on MS… Expand
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