Clonal growth of hamster free alveolar cells in soft agar

  title={Clonal growth of hamster free alveolar cells in soft agar},
  author={Hsiu san Lin and Charles Kuhn and T P Kuo},
  journal={The Journal of Experimental Medicine},
  pages={877 - 886}
Free alveolar cells obtained from healthy unstimulated hamsters were tested for their ability to form colonies in soft agar. Every bronchial washing so far tested contained colon-forming cells. The average plating efficiency was 8.1% (2.4-18.3%). Alveolar colony-forming cells were characterized by having a long initial lag period (4-8 days) and only mononuclear phagocytes were found in the colony. Medium conditioned by baby hamster kidney cells or other cells was required for the initiation and… CONTINUE READING

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