Clonal Propagation of Morus alba L . Through Nodal and Axillary Bud Explants

  title={Clonal Propagation of Morus alba L . Through Nodal and Axillary Bud Explants},
  author={Vivian Balakrishnan and M. Latha and Konganapuram Chellappan Ravindran and Jayachandran Philip Robinson},
Plants are valuable sources of a vast array of chemical compounds like alkaloids, flavonoids, pigments, antimicrobials, pharmaceutical, etc. The majority of the compounds were produced by plants during different stages of cell, tissues and organ differentiation. Plant tissue culture is the process by which parts of plant can be grown in vitro condition in a sterile culture medium. The nutrient media used in plant tissue culture contains macro, micro salts, vitamins, carbohydrates and plant… CONTINUE READING


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