Clock reset for alcoholism

  title={Clock reset for alcoholism},
  author={Vadim Yuferov and Gavin Bart and Mary Jeanne Kreek},
  journal={Nature Medicine},
Alcohol and drug addictions are complex neurological disorders with environmental, drug-induced and genetic components. Multiple genes probably contribute to the vulnerability to addiction. In this issue, Spanagel et al.1 focus on one such gene, the clock gene Per2. They provide evidence that alcoholics with a specific set of polymorphisms in the Per2 gene consume less alcohol than alcoholics without the polymorphisms. The authors complement this finding with laboratory evidence that Per2… CONTINUE READING
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Neuropsychopharmacology advanced online publication, 3 November 2004 (doi:10.1038/ sj.npp.1300598)

  • G Bart
  • 2004

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