Clinicopathological study of Ki-1-positive lymphomas.

  title={Clinicopathological study of Ki-1-positive lymphomas.},
  author={Kunio Tashiro and Masahiro Kikuchi and Morishige Takeshita and Tsutomu Yoshida and Koichi Ohshima},
  journal={Pathology, research and practice},
  volume={185 4},
We examined an antibody against Ki-1 antigen in 161 cases of malignant lymphoma, four of histiocytic sarcoma, and six of nonspecific lymphadenitis, using monoclonal antibody Ki-1, which is known to react selectively with activated lymphocytes, Reed-Sternberg cells, and Hodgkin's cells. Among them, 12 cases of malignant lymphoma demonstrated a diffuse positive cell membrane and/or cytoplasmic reaction of tumor cells and were categorized as Ki-1-positive lymphoma. Nine of these cases exhibited… CONTINUE READING


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