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Clinicomicrobiological profile of women with vaginal discharge.

  title={Clinicomicrobiological profile of women with vaginal discharge.},
  author={Vineeta Gupta and P. Gupta and B. Chatterjee and R. Bansal},
  journal={Journal of the Indian Medical Association},
  volume={107 3},
          164, 166
One hundred and ten patients presenting with vaginal discharge were investigated for microbiological spectrum of vaginitis and outcome of treatment. Laboratory-documented disorder could be ascertained in 86 patients (78%). Bacterial vaginosis was the commonest aetiology (43.6%), followed by candidiasis (10%), trichomoniasis (9.1%), senile vaginitis (5.4%) and vaginitis of unknown origin (5.4%). Endocervicitis was seen in 13.6% patients and urinary tract infection in 1.8%. Complete relief of… Expand