Clinico-pathologic findings in end-stage pediatric heart transplant grafts.

  title={Clinico-pathologic findings in end-stage pediatric heart transplant grafts.},
  author={Gregory S Perens and Faqian Li and Scott F Meier and Ravneet Kaur and Juan Carlos Alejos and Michael Fishbein},
  journal={Pediatric transplantation},
  volume={13 7},
The pathologic patterns existing in end-stage pediatric heart transplant grafts may help explain the symptoms and changes seen by echocardiography and angiography in these children. Retrospective chart review and pathologic study of explanted heart grafts was performed on 12 patients that had undergone 14 heart re-transplantations. Clinical status, echocardiographic and catheterization data at the time of transplantation were correlated to the pathologic findings. At re-OHT, eight were… CONTINUE READING


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