Clinically relevant behaviors in elderly hip fracture inpatients.

  title={Clinically relevant behaviors in elderly hip fracture inpatients.},
  author={Helen H Dorra and Eric J. Lenze and Yookyung Kim and Benoit H. Mulsant and Michael C. Munin and Mary Amanda Dew and Charles F. Reynolds},
  journal={International journal of psychiatry in medicine},
  volume={32 3},
OBJECTIVE To examine the range of behaviors documented by inpatient rehabilitation staff and the association of these behaviors with functional outcome, in elderly persons undergoing rehabilitation after hip fracture. METHOD Subjects were 137 patients, aged 60 and older, admitted to a rehabilitation hospital after a hip fracture, defined as having either a good or poor rehabilitation outcome based on change in Functional Independence Measure motor subscale scores during the course of their… CONTINUE READING