Clinical use of the total dose intravenous infusion of iron dextran.

  title={Clinical use of the total dose intravenous infusion of iron dextran.},
  author={Michael Auerbach and David Witt and William T. Toler and M Fierstein and Robert G. Lerner and H Glenn Ballard},
  journal={The Journal of laboratory and clinical medicine},
  volume={111 5},
Eighty-seven patients with anemia and absent bone marrow hemosiderin were given treatment with total dose intravenous infusions of iron dextran. The effect of rate of infusion and premedication with diphenhydramine, aspirin, and methylprednisolone on acute and delayed reactions was assessed. All patients were monitored for 72 hours after infusion. Two patients reacted to the test dose. One responded with generalized body pain that lasted approximately 5 minutes. In one an anaphylactoid reaction… CONTINUE READING


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