Clinical update: proteasome inhibitors in solid tumors.

  title={Clinical update: proteasome inhibitors in solid tumors.},
  author={Heinz-Josef Lenz},
  journal={Cancer treatment reviews},
  volume={29 Suppl 1},
The proteasome plays a critical role in regulating the cell cycle, neoplastic growth, and metastasis. Bortezomib (VELCADE; formerly PS-341, LDP-341, MLN341) is a novel dipeptide boronic acid that is the first proteasome inhibitor to have progressed to clinical trials. Preclinical research has shown that through the prevention of IkappaB degradation, bortezomib may block chemotherapy-induced NF-kappaB activation and augment the apoptotic response to chemotherapeutic agents. Bortezomib also… CONTINUE READING