Clinical ultraviolet dosimetry with a CCD monochromator array spectroradiometer.

  title={Clinical ultraviolet dosimetry with a CCD monochromator array spectroradiometer.},
  author={Andrew J. Coleman and Robert Sarkany and Susan Walker},
  journal={Physics in medicine and biology},
  volume={53 18},
Single monochromator charge-coupled device (CCD) array spectroradiometers have the advantage of ease of use and speed compared with double grating instruments. Their inherently inferior stray-light rejection, however, can critically affect their accuracy in phototherapy and research-related dosimetry applications. This paper shows that without adequate correction the HR4000 (Ocean Optics Inc., Dunedin, USA) array device can overestimate the CIE erythema-weighted irradiance of common… CONTINUE READING

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