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Clinical supervision in undergraduate nursing students : A review of the literature

  title={Clinical supervision in undergraduate nursing students : A review of the literature},
  author={St Vincent’s Private},
The concept of clinical supervision to facilitate the clinical education environment in undergraduate nursing students is well discussed within the literature. Despite the many models of clinical supervision described within the literature there is a lack of clear guidance and direction which clinical supervision model best suits the clinical learning environment for undergraduate nursing students since the formation of Health Workforce Australia. This paper reviews the five clinical… 

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Undergraduate Supervised Clinical Practicum Activities: An Enlightening Exploration.

This foundational knowledge provides insight for improving clinical education with the goal of educators connecting clinical activities to the development of student competencies.

Environmental Challenges to the Clinical Supervision of Nursing Instructors

Recognizing the challenges in the environment and solving them by educational managers can pave the way for the effective implementation of clinical supervision in nursing education.

Developing an innovated flexible clinical education model : enhancing student learning

The purpose of this study was to enhance the clinical experience of undergraduate nursing students through an investigation into a Flexible Clinical Education Model offered at Victoria University.

The Ethics of Teaching in the Clinical Arena

  • A. Jennings
  • Education, Medicine
    POJ Nursing Practice & Research
  • 2019
A deeper and broader understanding of the ethical issues that clinical nurse educators encounter in their teaching practice is provided, how these considerations contribute to student learning and some of the challenges that they encounter in the clinical arena are provided.

The role of supervision in acquisition of clinical skills among nursing and midwifery students: A literature review

The reviewers have come to conclusion that clinical supervision regardless of the model used still has an important role with regard to acquisition of clinical skill by students.

Nurses’ experiences of super vising nursing students who demonstrate unsafe practices in clinical placements: a systematic review protocol

This review explores the experiences of nurses who have supervised nursing students on clinical placement who demonstrate unsafe practices in clinical placements to identify and synthesize the best available evidence on the experiences.

Supervising students in a complex nursing practice- a focus group study in Norway

A need to support supervisors’ perspectives on supervision across primary- and hospital healthcare services and also across nurse educational programs is indicated to enable them to meet these challenges.



Collaboration in clinical education : development, implementation and evaluation of an innovative model of clinical education for undergraduate nursing students

Two key factors were found to be important in achieving that the CEU model had a positive impact on the prac experience of students and registered nurses: the collaborative nature of theCEU model and nursing staff ownership of students' clinical education.

Towards sustainable models for clinical education in nursing: An on-going conversation.

Nursing students' perceptions of learning in the clinical setting of the Dedicated Education Unit.

Engagement and participation in the clinical workplace are valuable for nursing students and strategies to support learning in the workplace can be shared with students and clinicians.

Evaluation of clinical teaching models for nursing practice.

Clinician and student evaluation of a collaborative clinical teaching model.

Improving the Undergraduate Clinical Placement Experience in Mental Health Nursing

There was a large significant increase in students' interest in mental health nursing following clinical placement, and data collected from focus groups indicated that facilitators, students, and clinical nurses all viewed the program positively.

Preceptorship in undergraduate nursing education: an integrative review.

Preceptorship failed to demonstrate significant benefits over traditional clinicals in the areas of critical thinking, clinical competence, and NCLEX-RN pass rates.