Clinical study on ocular trauma in children.

  title={Clinical study on ocular trauma in children.},
  author={Zicai Huang and Hongni Li and Yixia Huang and Zhongxia Zhou},
  journal={Yan ke xue bao = Eye science},
  volume={18 3},
PURPOSE To investigate the clinical characteristics of ocular trauma in children and put forward the major treatment and prevention of ocular trauma in children. METHODS To analyze the clinical data by 77 eyes in 77 cases of ocular trauma in children from April 1999 to February 2002. RESULTS The male and female were in the ratio of 2.21:1. Right eye ocular traumas were more than left ones. Ocular penetrating trauma was 83.12% and blunt trauma 12.99%. 41 cases (53.25%) were injured by… CONTINUE READING