[Clinical study of hand-assisted laparoscopic total colectomy for colonic inertia].


OBJECTIVE To compare the efficacy of hand-assisted laparoscopic surgery (HALS) with that of open surgery (OS) in total colectomy, and to evaluate the feasibility of hand-assisted laparoscopic total colectomy for colonic inertia. METHODS A total of 42 patients of colonic inertia received total colectomy from January 2001 to June 2006 were randomly allocated to OS group (n = 22) and HALS group (n = 20). Data as clinical manifestation, perioperative features including operative time, intraoperative blood loss and incision length, postoperative features including first flatus-passing time, first fluid-feeding time, hospitalization time, early postoperative complications, and hospitalizing expense were recorded and compared in the two groups. Postoperative defecating frequency was followed up in both groups. RESULTS All patients underwent total colectomy successfully and no death of operation occurred. The clinical features, operative time and blood loss were similar for the two groups. Incision length, first flatus-passing time, first fluids-feeding time, hospitalization time were better in HALS group than those in OS group. But mean hospitalizing expense in HALS group was higher than that in OS group. One case of incision infection and one intestinal obstruction occurred in OS group. No complication occurred in HALS group. Patients were followed up for 2 - 14 months, in the meantime the average defecating frequency was 3.55 +/- 1.80/d. CONCLUSIONS HALS and open total colectomy are safe, rapid and effective surgical procedures for colonic inertia. HALS can result in a better cosmetic effect and a quicker postoperative recovery.

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