Clinical spectrum of gram-positive infections in lung transplantation.

  title={Clinical spectrum of gram-positive infections in lung transplantation.},
  author={Meera R. Gupta and Vincent G. Valentine and James Edward Walker and Gisele A Lombard and Stephanie G Laplace and Leonardo Seoane and David E. Taylor and Gundeep S Dhillon},
  journal={Transplant infectious disease : an official journal of the Transplantation Society},
  volume={11 5},
PURPOSE Gram-positive (GP) organisms are among the most common cause of infections in early postsurgical and immunocompromised populations. Patients recovering from lung transplantation (LT) are particularly susceptible owing to the physiologic stress imposed by surgery and induction with intense immunosuppression. Sites, types, and timing of GP infections following LT are not well documented. This report describes the clinical spectrum of GP infections and their effects on surgical airway… CONTINUE READING