Clinical sketches: teaching medical illustration to medical students

  title={Clinical sketches: teaching medical illustration to medical students},
  author={Kevin T. Liou and Paul George and Jay M. Baruch and Francois I. Luks},
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eye is removed from the ophthalmoscope’s viewing hole. This reduces the field of view of the patient’s fundus. In order to eliminate this problem, the design has since been incorporated within the existing housing of a conventional direct ophthalmoscope. In due course, a randomised trial will evaluate the impact of this new teaching ophthalmoscope on the teaching and assessment of medical students in fundoscopy. 
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Combination of volume‐rendering 3D surface modeling and medical illustration to capture the living fetus

This work has combined both approaches to enhance the accuracy and didactic value of illustrations of fetal conditions by combining high‐definition volume rendering of diagnostic imaging data and medical illustration.

How Are the Arts and Humanities Used in Medical Education? Results of a Scoping Review

This literature is characterized by brief, episodic installments, privileging a biomedical orientation and largely lacking a theoretical frame to weave the installments into a larger story that accumulates over time and across subfields.

Improvements in anatomy knowledge when utilizing a novel cyclical “Observe‐Reflect‐Draw‐Edit‐Repeat” learning process

ORDER was modified and evaluated in the context of an optional self‐directed gross anatomy online interactive tutorial (ORDER‐IT) for participating first year medical students and was of value to anatomy instructors seeking to engage students from diverse learning backgrounds in a research‐led, innovative, time and cost‐effective learning method.

A Arte no Ensino da Cardiologia: Relato da Experiência do Uso de Massas Moldáveis no Aprendizado da Anatomia Normal e Patológica do Coração

A experiência proporcionou três efeitos positivos constatados pela equipe: maior entendimento da anatomia cardíaca normal e patológica por parte do especializando envolvido.



Medical students' self-confidence in performing direct ophthalmoscopy in clinical training.

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Self-confidence was significantly greater among students who practiced outside of formal teaching sessions, and most students were interested in additional training, and medical schools should emphasize the importance of practicing whenever appropriate.

Can a Picture Really Paint a Thousand Words?

The popular perception that plastic surgeons must be artistic was tested in an observational study of sketch illustrations in plastic surgery case notes and there was little correlation between the artistic merit of a diagram and the likelihood of its meaning being understood by an independent observer.