Clinical significance of Hiwi gene expression in gliomas.

  title={Clinical significance of Hiwi gene expression in gliomas.},
  author={Guan Sun and Yingyi Wang and Lihua Sun and Hui Luo and Ning Liu and Zhen Ming Fu and Yongping You},
  journal={Brain research},
Piwi, highly conserved during evolution, has been reported to play a key role in stem cell self-renewal in several different organisms. As one of the four human homologues of the Piwi family, Hiwi has been demonstrated to be significantly overexpressed in some human cancer. However, the relationship between Hiwi and human gliomas is unclear. In this study, we investigated the clinical significance of Hiwi in human gliomas. Hiwi was found to be specifically expressed in the majority of glioma… CONTINUE READING