Clinical results with resin-bonded prostheses and an adhesive cement.

  title={Clinical results with resin-bonded prostheses and an adhesive cement.},
  author={Ove Hansson},
  journal={Quintessence international},
  volume={25 2},
  • Ove Hansson
  • Published 1994 in Quintessence international
The longevity of resin-bonded prostheses made of a high-gold alloy and bonded with Super-Bond C&B (C&B Metabond) were tested clinically. Minimal preparation and large surface area of retainer coverage were used. The inner surfaces of the retainers were air abraded with aluminum oxide and heat treated in an oven at 400 degrees C to get an oxidized layer for bonding. The results of the adhesive technique were unsatisfactory compared with studies with resin-bonded prostheses using conventional… CONTINUE READING

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