Clinical profile of patients with infantile spasms


Objective: The present study was done in order to obtain a baseline profile of infantile spasms and associated neurological disorders Patient and methods:. The study included 50 patients with infantile spasm in Queen Rania Hospital for children in Jordan. The following data were obtained: sex, age of onset and presentation, details of seizure , family history of epilepsy, significant pre-/peri/post-natal insults, neuro imaging evaluation , detailed neurological and neuro developmental ,assessment were done by. Broad categories of possible etiologies were used the results were recorded for further study. Results: Age of onset of infantile spasm ranged from 1month to 1 year and 6 months , (mean 4.8 months). The mean time of presentation was 9.4 months . A male preponderance was noted (74 %). flexor spasms (52%) were the commonest. Other types of seizures also accompanied infantile spasm in 44% children. (84%) were born of normal delivery, History of birth asphyxia was obtained in 48%, 3 (6%) had positive family history Developmental delay was recognized prior to onset of spasms in 52% . microcephaly was the commonest associated problem , Imaging studies of the brain revealed abnormality in 18 patients. 78% patients symptomatic and 22 % as cryptogenic.. Conclusion: The pattern of infantile spasm in our country do not differ from that of developed countries, further researches is required to prevent both chronic epilepsy and psychomotor retardation and .preventive measurement to prevent birth asphyxia is recommended Keyword: infantile spasm , seizures , epilepsy

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