Clinical profile of AIDS in India: a review of 61 cases.

  title={Clinical profile of AIDS in India: a review of 61 cases.},
  author={Sujith Thomas Chacko and Tarun Jacob John and Palla George Babu and Mini S Jacob and Ahmet Kaur and Dilip C Mathai},
  journal={The Journal of the Association of Physicians of India},
  volume={43 8},
Among 61 patients with AIDS seen in our hospital from February 1986 to June 1992, 38 (62%) had significant weight loss, 34 (56%) had fever of more than a month and 19 (31%) had chronic diarrhoea; 43 (70%) patients had at least one of the above symptoms. Tuberculosis diagnosed in 32 (52%) patients was the commonest secondary infection: 10 had only pulmonary, 15 had pulmonary and extrapulmonary and 7 only extrapulmonary tuberculosis. Secondary infections commonly found in the general population… CONTINUE READING