Clinical presentation and characteristics of pharyngeal adenovirus infections.


We describe the clinical characteristics of 209 children younger than 15 years of age with positive pharyngeal cultures for adenovirus. The mean age of the children was 37 +/- 33 months, and the mean peak temperature was 39.2 +/- 0.76 degrees C. On physical examination, tonsillitis was found for 88% of children; 52% of them had exudative tonsillitis. Forty-eight percent of the patients who had a white blood cell count performed had >15,000 leukocytes per mm, and 25% had >20,000 leukocytes per mm. C-reactive protein concentrations were >7 mg/dL for 22.5% of the patients. Adenovirus pharyngeal infections in young children mimic severe bacterial infections.

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