Clinical potential of gene therapy: towards meeting the demand.


Since the discovery that new genetic material could be transferred into human cells resulting in induced expression of genes and proteins, clinicians and scientists have been working to harness the technology for clinical outcomes. This article provides a summary of the current status of developments within the broad discipline of clinical gene therapy. In pursuing the treatment of diverse clinical conditions, a wide variety of therapeutics, each tailor-made, may be required. Gene therapy offers the possibility of accurately and specifically targeting particular genetic abnormalities through gene correction, addition or replacement. It represents a compelling idea that adds a new dimension to our portfolio of credible therapeutic choices.

DOI: 10.1111/imj.12366

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@article{Macpherson2014ClinicalPO, title={Clinical potential of gene therapy: towards meeting the demand.}, author={Janet L. Macpherson and John E. J. Rasko}, journal={Internal medicine journal}, year={2014}, volume={44 3}, pages={224-33} }