Clinical pharmacology of doxacurium chloride (BW A938U) in children.

  title={Clinical pharmacology of doxacurium chloride (BW A938U) in children.},
  author={J B Sarner and Barbara Wendeborn Brandom and Daniel R Cook and Mingxian Dong and Marjorie C. Horn and Susan K Woelfel and Peter Davis and Grant Rudd and Vicki J Foster and B F McNulty},
  journal={Anesthesia and analgesia},
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The neuromuscular effects of doxacurium were studied in 26 children during halothane-nitrous oxide-oxygen anesthesia. Neuromuscular blockade was measured using electromyographic activity of the adductor pollicis muscle after supramaximal stimulation of the ulnar nerve at 2 Hz for 2 seconds at 10-second intervals. To estimate the cumulative dose-response… CONTINUE READING