Clinical pharmacological studies of tandamine, a potential antidepressive drug

  title={Clinical pharmacological studies of tandamine, a potential antidepressive drug},
  author={Raihana S. B. Ehsanullah and Karabi Ghose and MARILYN J. Kirby and Pauline Turner and D J Witts},
Tandamine hydrochloride, a thiopyranoindole, was more active than desmethylimipramine in inhibiting the tyramine pressor response after single oral doses in human volunteers. When compared with a placebo, tandamine was found to possess significant anticholinergic activity, to reduce appetite and to produce sedation. Compared with clomipramine, it caused a smaller inhibition of 5-HT but a more marked inhibition of dopamine uptake into human platelets. Further clinical and pharmacological studies… 
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