[Clinical pharmacokinetics of lidocaine after intraoral nerve block].


Aim of this study was to show the time course of plasma concentrations of 2% lignocaine with adrenalin at a concentration of 1:100,000. Four retinated third molars were removed in one session in 23 patients. For local anaesthesia in each patient we used 10 ml of Xylocaine 2% (Astra), which is commonly used in dentistry. The plasma-concentration was measured for the first 30 minutes after injection of the local anaesthetic using high pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC). Our results suggest that partially intravascular injection could not be avoided although careful aspiration was carried out before injecting. Neither subjective nor objective adverse central nervous effects were seen in our patients. Nevertheless we consider a peripheral intravenous cannula and ECG-monitoring strongly recommended in all major operations under local anaesthesia.

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