Clinical performance of extended zirconia frameworks for fixed dental prostheses: two-year results.


The purpose of this prospective cohort study was to assess the performance of tooth-supported, extended zirconia, fixed dental prostheses (FDPs). Thirty FDPs with span-lengths between 36 and 46 mm (mean: 40.33 mm), four to seven units and with connector dimensions of approximately 9 mm(2) were inserted (19 in the posterior region, 11 including anterior teeth) using glass-ionomer cement and assessed (aesthetic evaluation, failures, hypersensitivity/tooth vitality, secondary caries, pocket depth, decementation and chipping) at baseline and after 2 years. Differences between baseline and 2-year recall were analysed using the Wilcoxon signed-rank test for matched pairs. There were five failures. One FDP revealed a core fracture at the base of the connector, probably caused by a damage induced during fabrication. Two FDPs had to be recemented, one abutment tooth had to be treated endodontically and one cohesive failure of the veneer was observed. There were no significant changes of pocket depth and hypersensitivity between baseline and 2-year recall. The aesthetics were rated as excellent by the patients at both baseline and recall. Two year clinical results of extended zirconia based FDPs with 9 mm(2) connectors are promising.

DOI: 10.1111/j.1365-2842.2009.01969.x
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