[Clinical observation on acupuncture for treatment of depression].

  • Tian-jun Wang
  • Published 2005 in
    Zhongguo zhen jiu = Chinese acupuncture…


OBJECTIVE To search for the best therapy for depression. METHODS The acupuncture group of 34 cases were treated by acupuncture at acupoints on the head as main and acupoints of the limbs as adjuvant, two treatments a week, and the control group of 30 cases by antidepressant deanxit for 5 weeks. RESULTS There was no significant difference between the two groups in the therapeutic effect (P > 0.05). CONCLUSION Acupuncture and western medicine deanxit have a similar therapeutic effect on depression.

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@article{Wang2005ClinicalOO, title={[Clinical observation on acupuncture for treatment of depression].}, author={Tian-jun Wang}, journal={Zhongguo zhen jiu = Chinese acupuncture & moxibustion}, year={2005}, volume={25 2}, pages={107-8} }