[Clinical multiplicity of cerebrovascular disorders in childhood].


A group of 107 children with vascular diseases of the nervous system aged 3-14 years have been studied. In 100 children of the study group acute disturbances of the brain blood circulation have been found, out of which 37 children were with transitory ischemic attacks; 29 were found to be with brain ischaemia; 22-with haemorrhages (7 cases with subarchnoidal, 9 cases with intracerebral and 6 cases with subarachnoidal-parenchimatose); 5 children had wenous thromboses; 7 children were with spinal strokes. In other 7 children we found the presence of Sturge-Weber syndrome. Congenital vascular malformations have been found in 32 children (30%), out of which 16 children (15%) with loops and stenosis of the extracranial segments of the internal carotid artery, and another 16 children (15%) with AV-malformations. Congenital and acquired heart diseases are found to be primary cause for the strokes in 12 children (11%). Considerable is the rate of the epileptic seizures in the acute stage of the strokes as well as of the residual epileptic syndromes.

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